Mission Statement

At Anesis Hotel, we are a united team driven by a common goal. Our mission is to provide exceptional service and continuously enhance our skills to create an exceptional work environment. We embrace diversity and inclusivity, offering assistance and respect to all individuals, regardless of their background. With a focus on teamwork, we aim to surpass guest expectations by delivering high-quality experiences. Furthermore, we are dedicated to giving back to our community through charitable contributions and supporting institutions that aid children with special abilities. When procuring supplies and services, we prioritize the local area, ensuring sustainability and environmentally conscious choices.


Vision Statement

Anesis Hotel is striving towards sustainable tourism, promoting a better environment, and fostering a positive atmosphere for our staff, customers, and partners. We are committed to minimizing our ecological impact and supporting our community. Our goals include efficient energy and water management, waste reduction, and implementing recycling programs. We actively promote responsible tourism by sourcing and promoting local produce. Through donations, in-kind support, and collaborations, we aim to strengthen our relationship with the local community. Moreover, we value our employees as our greatest assets, ensuring non-discrimination and providing a safe and healthy working environment. By upholding ethical practices and complying with health and safety standards, we prioritize the well-being of our staff and customers. With the utilization of green energy technologies, such as solar and photovoltaic panels, we strive to be an environmentally conscious hotel. As a category B hotel, we are committed to sustainable practices and delivering exceptional experiences to our guests.