Anesis Hotel Sustainable Policy

As a hotel we recognize the impact that tourism can have on the natural environment and our community.

With this in mind we have adopted a number of policies and procedures to ensure that we minimize our harmful effects on the environment and support our community.

Our aims:

1. Energy and Water Management

We will monitor our consumption of water and energy and subsequently set targets to reduce our consumption by ensuring equipment we use is properly maintained al staff are appropriately trained and that mew technology and ideas are taken on board.

2. Waste Management

The hotel will minimize solid waste production in all areas of the hotel and encourage customers to join the recycling program. Specifically, it will purchase I bulk to avoid excess packaging, minimize the use of paper and plastic for customers and aim to recycle all glass, paper, cardboard, oils, plastic and food waste.

Wherever possible, the hotel will avoid the use of chemicals. It will ensure safe disposal of all chemicals that are in use and work towards minimization.

3. Promotion of Responsible Tourism in the Area

The Hotel will work and support with local community by ensuring that we purchase and promote produce from the local area wherever possible.

4. Donation and Charity

It is the policy of the Hotel that whenever items such furniture or linen are no longer suitable for use within the hotel, it will offer these items to local community. The hotel will also carefully consider how it may help the local community by the provision of in-kind support, such as auction prizes etc. It may also consider sponsorship of local sports teams, provision of meeting space at subsidized or no cost, or advertising space for local business.

5. Employment

The hotel recognizes the importance of recruiting local people as employees. We believe our employees are our greatest assets and recognize our ethical as well as legal responsibilities to take care of them. We believe that by treating our employees well, they in turn will continue to take the very best care of our customers. We strive to ensure we do not discriminate in any way and welcomes all staff regardless of their race, age, sex, nationality, disability or religion.

Throughout the period of their employment, all staff will have a contract that’s meets as a minimum the regulations as stipulated by national law. We ensure that all new employees are philosophy and culture, product knowledge, employee welfare and benefits, health and safety performance management, ect

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